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Аренда апартаментов
Gorod Stolic from 350,000 руб. / month
OKO from 199,999 руб. / month
Mercury from 300,000 руб. / month
Federation Tower from 310,000 руб. / month
Imperia from 450,000 руб. / month
Neva Towers from 189,999 руб. / month
Продажа апартаментов
Federation Tower from 474,767 руб. per m2
Mercury from 617,283 руб. per m2
Gorod Stolic from 379,464 руб. per m2
OKO from 543,037 руб. per m2
Neva Towers from 388,888 руб. per m2
Grand TowerNo offers
Capital Towers from 584,486 руб. per m2
Аренда офисов
Federation Tower from 28,000 руб. per m2 / year
Gorod Stolic from 28,571 руб. per m2 / year
Neva Towers from 33,333 руб. per m2 / year
Severnaya tower from 37,000 руб. per m2 / year
Mercury from 39,900 руб. per m2 / year
Imperia from 34,687 руб. per m2 / year
Продажа офисов
Federation Tower from 400,000 руб. per m2
Imperia from 450,358 руб. per m2
Gorod Stolic from 402,116 руб. per m2
OKO from 491,701 руб. per m2
MercuryNo offers
iCity from 235,000 руб. per m2
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We are in love with the Moscow City and know all about these towers: developers, clients, the price paid and how it affected the quality of the floors. We stand ready to talk about it for hours. We are willing to listen to our client and together we will definitely find a perfect solution to the problem.

We specialize in everything related to real estate: we help to rent or buy apartments in the Moscow City; to choose between small and comfortable offices with furniture and spacious open spaces with decoration; we find options for 200 thousand rubles, and for 200 million. We will rather refuse the client if we understand that we cannot solve his problem, than offer the wrong solution.

For example, you want to rent an office in the Moscow City and you are ready to pay 300 thousand rubles per month. Here are two options: the first one is unfurnished and more expensive, the second option is partially furnished, but cheaper. We will tell you about the pricing policy and the reasons for the price change and fluctuations.

Have you ever been interested in selling apartments in the Moscow City, but faced unscrupulous intermediaries? Do not worry: our clients become our friends and bring their friends to us. We consider it the best indicator of our work.

We provide high-quality service and tell interesting news. For example, we inform our clients about the pedestrian promenade in Moscow City, which will connect Krasnopresnenskaya and Shelepikhinskaya, the deadlines for the Federation-East tower commissioning, or the building that will represent our country at the MIPIM AWARDS competition.

We are glad to meet in person and quickly respond to requests by phone, mail and Facebook.

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